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As we have said in our previous posts “Modular” and “Reasons why” the industry is  experiencing a shift towards modular construction. Today we are in a period of transition/change characterized, on the one hand, by a diversity of technological offers, in which the next 20 years of the industry is being defined, and on the other hand, by a sector very comfortable with current practices and reluctant to change.


There are companies that present solutions to achieve the digitization and industrialization of construction in an easy and orderly manner within a short period of time. 
Hüga Technology, winner of the NAHB Global Innovation Award 2021 is one of them, offering its partners the most innovative, reinforced concrete based modular construction technology in the world.

There's no time to waste, adaptation is key. Let's learn from the following example: the appearance of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) programs. After they appeared, those professionals who did not adapt and continued to hand-draw blueprints began to waste so much more time drawing than their competition. Today the use of CAD is not an option but a requirement. And like CAD it is clear that construction in the next 10 years won't be the same. Transitioning is vital, But how to deal with the transition?

Here's another great article about the construction industry.


>> The methods that are revolutionizing the building sector. Bringing it to a 4.0 industrie. <<



The easy answer is by using Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), applying adaptive construction technologies or systems that allow us to split training of personnel and investing into  phases.

Nowadays there are companies that develop construction systems meant to evolve with the builder's production volume, being able to have very basic production units that can be scaled to more complex systems for high production volumes and industrialization. A way of growing from cooking in the kitchen to having a fully automated factory with maximum returns and minimum mistakes.

We thank you for reading this far and if you want to know more about this and many other topics regarding the construction industry, its pain points and how to overcome them click on the link below. We also invite you to learn more about Hüga construction technology, which contemplates  construction systems adaptable to the timeline of the builder who implements them.

Be part of the Hüga revolution.


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Construcción Modular General
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