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Hüga Technology beats inflation.

Hüga Technology is the winner of the NAHB (The National Association of Home Builders) Global Innovation Award.

The innovative contribution of our technology to the construction industry is based on three pillars: production efficiency, technological versatility and modular design.

Inflation, nowadays present in the most developed countries of the world, has been a variable taken into account in the development and especially in the implementation process of our technology. 

The construction industry historically suffered from negative balances in terms of delivery times and estimated costs. Today, with inflation at historical percentages, this scenario has worsened even more. 

The question is, how is it possible to beat inflation? 

More. Hüga light. The same technology with light gauge steel frame construction.

With the implementation of Hüga Technology, full digitalization of the company is achieved in all construction processes, business management, quality control, production planning, as well as marketing and sales.
Hüga Technology beats inflation by having these differential values: 

  • Lower financial cost. 
  • Reduced production cycles -> 2 vs 12 months. 
  • As the production cycles are 6 times shorter, for the same number of units sold, the capital retained is 16.6% of regular construction. 
  • 30% labor cost reduction with less specialized personnel required. 
  • 40% loss reduction. 
  • 45% rework reduction. 
  • 100% SCALABLE business, with minimal investment, to increase production or meet goals. 
  • Decrease in the cost of materials through systematized purchasing. 
  • Decrease in costs due to unforeseen events. 
  • Automated management through software developed by Hüga Tech.
  • Reduction of risks due to market diversification: Hüga Technology produces homes, shops, hotel suites, offices, classrooms, ADU´s, others.


More. Future is: industrialization and digitization.

Hüga Technology is available to professionals, companies and local governments. Hüga Technology is an innovative and effective solution to address the difficult task of rebuilding areas affected by natural disasters and responding to the more than 5 million homes needed in the United States.

We thank you for reading this far and if you want to know more about this and many other topics regarding the construction industry, its pain points and how to overcome them click on the link below. 

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