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Italo F. Martin Schmädke | Managing Partner of Grandio | Head Civil Engineer

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Why invest in Hüga Technology?

  1. Excellent profitability with minimal investment. Short business cycle. Low capital withheld.
  2. Scalable business. Rapid increase in production. Access to new markets. Marketing in different countries.
  3. Disruptive product. Easy differentiation from the competition.
  4. Versatility of uses. More potential customers.
  5. Revaluation of the company due to digital transformation. Automated micromanagement.
  6. Online production monitoring in real time
  7. Hüga learning. System with updates and improvements to the Hüga ecosystem. Data collector to improve decision making
  8. Product validated worldwide by the consumer and the international specialized press
  9. Lower use of productive labor and management personnel. Traceability of tasks and responsibilities assigned automatically. Targeted staff training. Decrease in occupational accidents. Lower staff turnover.
  10. Reduction of losses in production up to 40%. Reduction of rework costs up to 50%.
  11. Decrease in the cost of materials by systematized purchase. Decrease in costs due to unforeseen events. Decrease in general and logistics expenses due to centralized production
  12. Decrease in customer complaints, due to better quality controls

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