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Hüga light. The same technology with light gauge steel frame construction.

As you know, Hüga follows rigorous processes for the design of housing and residential buildings, including requirements for sustainability, and thermal and acoustic performance. The environmental need to conserve land use, whilst improving the social characteristics of the built environment also have a direct effect on the choice of constructional system. The pressure for more efficient and sustainable construction processes to meet these challenges has led to a demand for off-site manufacture and improved quality in the performance of the chosen construction technology.

For the same reason, we have decided to add to our concrete technology, the development of Hüga with light gauge steel framing construction. 

In this way, each of our partners will be able to offer their customers the product that best suits their needs: concrete or steel frame.


Why did we add Steel frame to our technology?

Because (like Hüga Concrete) the steel structure (Hüga Light) has achieved speed of construction, higher levels of quality, reliability and longevity, and the ability to provide more adaptable use of space. Steel is a quality assured, dimensionally accurate, high strength, long life, adaptable, reusable and recyclable product.

Best practices in innovation.

Innovation and constant analysis over the production allows for a continuous improvement system. For instance, the Hüga project applies that idea in an eloquent and well thought manner. Bringing to the construction industry numbers such as a reduction in 90% of the waste materials, 46% reduction in labor per square foot, and a 99% construction off-site. This means, fewer costs in production, fewer delays in construction and a better overall work experience. Resulting in a more effective workforce, a better product, and of course, happier customers.


We thank you for reading this far and if you want to know more about this and many other topics regarding the construction industry, its pain points and how to overcome them click on the link below. We also invite you to learn more about Hüga construction technology, which contemplates  construction systems adaptable to the timeline of the builder who implements them.

Be part of the Hüga evolution.


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Construcción Modular
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