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A Revolutionary New Way to Measure Progress on Modular Construction Projects

As a company director, it can be overwhelming to keep all the balls in the air and on track to get the project completed as planned. Unfortunately, even seemingly small scuffs here or there could quickly snowball into something more damaging down the line - sound familiar?

You're not alone: it's a problem that affects many projects on almost every continent. But what if we told you that technology has evolved and allows you to finally say goodbye to project-related worries?

From now on, when everyone else's plans are still old-fashioned stories, yours will stand out with these cutting-edge solutions at your fingertips.


Healthy homes, the homes of the future.

"Healthy Homes" is a century-old concept that promotes safe, decent, and...

With Hüga Technology's revolutionary progress recording technology, you can now keep up with the acceleration of modular construction. Our automated daily measurements not only help save investments but also give you peace-of-mind that your deadlines will be met – allowing for swift course corrections whenever needed. Experience newfound control and accuracy in tracking projects with this groundbreaking solution!

For generations, construction management has been about putting out fires and attempting to catch up on projects. However, by analyzing past events and proactively responding today's professionals are starting to make progress towards a more productive future for the industry.
Instead of spending countless hours on data gathering and decision making, imagine having the information you need at your fingertips. With a proactive approach in place, delays or problems can be avoided to ensure successful project completion - leaving you one step ahead!


Actual progress curves vs. expected progress curves.

With Hüga technology, you can automatically see the progress of your work in real time and make corrections in a matter of hours.





Step-by-step process


Our automated platform allows operators to make efficient headway in completing their tasks. Not only do you have the ability to follow progress in real-time, but crucial data is also recorded with every step taken - giving your team extra insight into decision making processes.



With construction projects becoming ever more intricate and demanding, companies are under increased pressure to avoid cost overruns. To remain profitable amid this rising complexity, innovative technology solutions have become critical ─ enter Hüga!

Schedule a call now to experience first-hand how our cutting-edge construction technology can revolutionize your next project's performance.


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Construcción Modular General
"Healthy Homes" is a century-old concept that promotes safe, decent, and...
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