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What is Hüga?

10 Advantages of Hüga Home

  1. 100% mobile, delivered where the user indicates.
  2. Made of reinforced concrete, high quality and design.
  3. Energy efficient, domotized and equipped.
  4. Resistant to earthquakes, hurricanes and bulletproof.
  5. Buit-in foundation.
  6. It is modular: it expands quickly and shrinks when needed.
  7. Minimum maintenance.
  8. Low cost of insurance.
  9. Comfortable, bright, all its rooms ventilate naturally (healthy), and with more than 460 ft3 (13 m3) of storage space.
  10. Suitable for all types of climates, including extremes.

3D Tour

Indestructible "HÜGA"

Hüga, is of the highest quality and design, is delivered ready to move and can be located where its user indicates. The name comes from the Danish concept "Hygge", a philosophy of life based on living in alignment with yourself and with nature, enjoying the company of your loved ones and valuing the simple things of every day.

Hüga Technology uses modern construction methods to produce this house (among other products), which is indestructible (withstands climatic phenomena), and can even be buried. Enegetically efficient, reinforced concrete and relocatable, it has an ambitious mission to provide a welcoming, comfortable, safe and affordable home for everyone. The purpose of Hüga Technology is to respond to the global housing deficit by generating equality, quality of life and considering our planet.


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